What to Expect

What to Expect

At Core Chiropractic Clinic, our focus is on you and meeting your needs. We always take individual circumstances into account and treat each patient carefully on a case-by-case assessment.
Below is a description of what you can expect during your visits with us.

Your Initial Visit

After arriving we will ask you to complete the new patient paperwork. If you wish to complete this before you arrive, please download our New Patient forms.

The first visit involves a full consultation and a complete examination with the chiropractor. From these findings, we will determine whether you need X-rays taken. If so, we will refer you to a local radiology clinic, where most films will be billed directly through medicare.

If you do need X-rays, we will schedule you for a follow-up visit right away. This will give us the time to review your imaging before we begin care. If X-rays are not needed; you’ll receive your doctor’s report of findings on this first visit, as well as receiving your first adjustment.

Your first visit will take about thirty to forty five minutes.

Second Appointment

Your second visit will involve a Report of Findings, where the Chiropractor will go through the results of your initial examination as well as any X-rays or scans. During this appointment the Chiropractor will explain what the problem(s) are and what is required to get you on your way to recovery. At the end of this visit you will generally have your first session of Chiropractic treatment. These appointments take approximately thirty minutes.

Regular Visits

Your regular visits with us will take about 5-15 minutes. Your customised care plan will include regular re-assessments after a certain number of visits, to better address your changing needs.

Many have heard that once you start chiropractic care, you have to continue forever. At Core Chiropractic Clinic, you’re free to start and stop whenever you feel you need to. We recommend people get checked regularly because it works well, but the choice is yours.

Returning Clients

If you have previously been under care with Dr Hamish McLeod, but there has been some time since your last visit, we would ask you to fill in a brief update questionnaire prior to your consultation.

We welcome the opportunity to answer any more questions you might have. Contact us today!